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Hey Tweets,
Just to throw this out there ...
The DeLorme map I just consulted showed both the south end of Lummi Island (Carter Point) , and about the lower 1/3 of Eliza Rock, as being in Skagit county.
However, I just checked the county ownership data set from each county.
Skagit does not have an official ownership record for either. 
And the records exist in the Whatcom county data.  The parcel on Lummi Island is listed as USFS, National Forest.  The lower tip of Eliza Rock is listed as US Lighthouse Reserve.  All the land north of the Lighthouse is listed as private ownership of residential parcels ....
Looks like they are listed officially (at least by the county offices) as Whatcom County ....
So, do we list by map, or by county records ???
Boy, am I glad I never have seen a bird there !!!  ;)

Guy McWethy
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Just checked the 7.5 minute quad map named "Eliza Island", updated in 1995. It shows the Skagit
Whatcom boundary as a straight east-west line, with the very southern tip of Lummi Island in Skagit County,
and of course therefore puts Viti Rocks in Skagit County.  So that must be the word from USGS. Also,
however, checked the property tax assessor's info in both counties-- all of Lummi Island is assessed by
Whatcom County. Since the south end of Lummi is a mountain, and since Viti Rocks are part of the national
wildlife refuge, I suspect that Skagit County was perfectly happy to cede them both to Whatcom County-- at
least for jurisdictional purposes.  Still don't know if its "official," or just for convenience.

Maybe we should just start having Island lists? Rock lists? Section lists?Clarice Clark
Puyallup, WA. 98371
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