[Tweeters] Takhlakh Lake Camping (8/27)

Ema Nakao ema22 at uw.edu
Mon Aug 29 19:38:33 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone-

I didn't get too much birding in while camping overnight, but en route to
Takhlakh Lake from Hwy 12 (Randal, WA) I saw 3 Turkey Vultures overhead and
a lot of Common Ravens.

At Takhlakh Lake (elev. ~4300 ft), other than the enormous swarms of
mosquitoes that attacked me the entire time, I saw 1 American Robin on one
of the Forest Service Roads. At the campsite during dusk, I heard the call
of a Common Nighthawk fly right above the tree tops, and then spotted it
flying directly overhead calling repeatedly. I did not hear any other
nighthawks calling that evening nor the next morning. I did not expect to
see a Common Nightawk at Takhlakh, so it was definitely the highlight of my

A quick warning: the Forest Ranger in Randal, WA stated the bugs are
arriving a bit late this year at Takhlakh Lake. The trail circling the lake
and the trail leading to the lava flow would be great to bird, but from my
experience -with bug spray- it was almost impossible to stay still with the
large number of mosquitoes.

Ema Nakao
Seattle, WA
ema22 at uw.edu
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