[Tweeters] Are Red Crossbills everywhere right now?

Burney Huff Burney.Huff at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 6 09:39:20 PDT 2011

I've seen a few Red Crossbills visiting my feeders in Lakewood (Pierce
County) for the past couple of weeks. Once there were two adult males at
the same time. July 17 was the first time I'd ever seen Red Crossbills at
my feeders.

Burney Huff

Lakewood, WA

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Hi all, I work on the shores of Grays Harbor 5 days a week and over the past
several weeks I have had Red Crossbills virtually everywhere. I cover
perhaps 5-10 miles of shoreline a day, from Ocean Shores to Westport, and
lately it rarely goes 45 minutes or an hour before I hear crossbills again
(yes Charlie, I do need to start sorting my crossbills by type. I will try).
This also seemed to be the case as I worked several days this week at
Willapa Bay. Also this past weekend in Okanogan County plenty of flyover
crossbils. I wondered how many of our counties are seeing (hearing) this?

Had a good time in the Okanogan... LONG-EARED & GREAT-GRAY OWLS,
BLACK-BACKED and THREE-TOED WOODPECKERS and many other niceties.

Thanks for any replies,

Keith Brady

Olympia, WA

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