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Angela Percival angela at stillwatersci.com
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The duck has been domesticated for thousands of years, and these are
considered "breeds," just like a Labrador Retriever is a breed. A
"designer dog" is a mix of breeds, like a "labradoodle, so I wouldn't
call them "designer ducks." Poultry shows are great fun.

They won't "breed true" when they mix with wild mallards. These all
descend from the mallard, so they readily interbreed.

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Thank you, and the others, who so graciously replied without calling me
a dummy
for knowing :-).

You have all provided me with a bunch of good reading, and an education

If I understand this correctly then, this bird could be an "escapee", or
just a
result of a mating by a bird on the fly with a domestic bird? This is
interesting reading, I never really thought about "Designer Ducks"
before, but
why not, since we now have "Designer Dogs".

When this occurs, finding one in the wild this way, do they then breed
true, or
do they just get mixed into the gene pool and what shows up, shows up?
Obviously this bird did not have any problem with finding a mate.

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