[Tweeters] what season is this?

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Sun Aug 21 18:15:54 PDT 2011

Last night a call came in about a possible sick trumpeter swan at Sunday
Lake near Stanwood. The date of late August and trumpeter swan are not
usually associated with each other. Today we went out to check on the swan.
Indeed it is an adult trumpeter swan. While able to fly it is not strong and
definitely did not choose to leave the lake.

Has anyone noted swans of any kind in the Snohomish-Skagit counties area
this summer? I know of one trumpeter swan in the Sammish Bay area and a
tundra swan at Juanita Bay Park. This trumpeter is a mystery. It obviously
has some challenges. It is unclear if this is a bird that will get sicker
or a swan that can do well enough, just not migrate. No bands or marks were
see on the birds neck or legs.

On the way home by I-5 we saw an osprey take a fish at the north end of
Everett. Spectacular catch then flew right over our heads as we zoomed by.

Martha Jordan

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