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Jeremy and Marv,

Quite a few years ago I was quite amazed to see an immature Swainson's Hawk near Reifel Refuge in southern BC late in fall, I think late November. Like you, I knew it was rare west of the Cascades and shouldn't be around in winter.

I did some checking and found that people associated with the refuge had raised a nestful (several birds) of orphaned Swainson's Hawk chicks (from interior BC) through the summer and had just released them! I have no idea what happened to those birds, in a place and season to which they weren't really adapted. I suspected their chances of survival weren't high.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is something to keep in mind when we see any bird out of range and/or season. We routinely treat exotic waterfowl in the wild as obviously escaped or released from captivity, but it's harder to reach such a conclusion with a native species.

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> Hi All,


> I have heard that there was a somewhat recent Washington state sighting of

> Swainson's Hawk, and was wondering if anyone had some more information on it.


> I had one in Victoria a few days ago, and am puzzling over the origin, due to a

> combination of early date, and the fact that this species is almost unheard of

> in captivity in British Columbia (one or two individuals).


> Any help would be greatly appreciated,


> Jeremy Kimm

> Victoria, BC

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