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Michael Hobbs BirdMarymoor at frontier.com
Wed Mar 2 14:22:36 PST 2011

Tweets - I fought the weather Sunday-Tuesday, driving across the state to
Spokane and making my way back via Stevens and Ferry counties. It was NOT
very birdy, what with the dismal weather and with most of the bodies of
water frozen. Still, I did find a few things:


At Wanapum State Park, I found three LONG-EARED OWLS in a Doug Fir in the
middle of the campground. This is a species that has long eluded me in

GRANT SUNDAY: At Winchester Lake, I found a single GREATER WHITE-FRONTED
GOOSE in with hundreds of Canadas and Cacklers. I also managed to pish up a

SPOKANE MONDAY: In and around Spokane, I had trouble turning up anything.
I spent a couple of hours trudging around Slavin Ranch in a fierce wind, and
found a BROWN CREEPER and a GREAT HORNED OWL, but had only 4 other species.
I tried several other locations with similarly lackluster results.

But as I headed out of Spokane county, on Coulee Hite Branch Rd., I found a
flock of about 30-40 GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCH in the yard of the large white
farmhouse. Awesome.

LINCOLN MONDAY: I was able to find the recently-reported AMERICAN DIPPER on
Martha Boardman Rd. There were WILD TURKEYS and NORTHERN SHRIKE at several
locations as I made my way north.

LINCOLN TUESDAY: Near the Colville River Bridge south of Kettle Falls, I

Between Colville Flats and Rickey Point, there were lots of birds, including

And the previously-reported PEREGRINE FALCON was on the snag-topped tree at
the end of Boise Rd., just on the Stevens County side of the US-395 bridge
to Ferry county.

FERRY TUESDAY: Ferry County has no birds.

OKANOGAN TUESDAY: As I made my way back, I drove US-97 along the frozen
Okanogan River. Only the bottom 1.5 miles were unfrozen, and the 1 mile
north of the highway was full of birds. Amongst the hundreds of American
Coots and Ring-necked Ducks were two TRUMPETER SWANS, at least 150
CANVASBACK and at least 8 other duck species. There were three GREAT BLUE
HERONS and two BALD EAGLES on the heronry at the mouth of the river.

Not a bad trip, but sadly lacking in Bohemian Waxwings, Snow Buntings, and
Snowy Owls.

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