[Tweeters] Iceland Gull in Clarkston

Tim O'Brien kertim7179 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 17:27:38 PST 2011

Hey Tweets,

Please see Inland NW Birders for photos of this bird.

I searched most of Clarkston this morning looking for gulls and ended up at the landfill where there were hundreds to sort through. Luckily, the gulls scattered and flew which allowed me to immediately get on a pale gray mantled gull with white wing tips. The tail and underside (belly and underwings) were totally white. It was the same size as the numerous California Gulls that were in the air as well. Herring Gulls were much bigger than this bird.

As Keith noted already:

-clean white head
-yellow iris
-yellow bill with red spot on lower mandible
-on the ground, wing tips (outer primaries) were solid white with three pale gray bars near the ends

There is no hint of black feathering on this gull at all. Based on size and color - this bird looks very good for an adult Kumlien's/Iceland Gull.

Access to the Asotin County Landfill is allowed if you let them know you are going in to look at the birds. I believe the hours are 8am-4pm, but could be wrong on the end time.

Tim O'Brien
Cheney, WA
mailto: kertim7179 at yahoo dot com

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