[Tweeters] Helitours threaten SnoQual Talls peregrine

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Thanks for pointing this out Jan.

I did some research online and found thatTodd is only a sales rep and administrative assistant.  Seattle Helitours is owned by Classic Helicopters Corporation in Seattle.  The two owners of Classic and their e-mail addresses are shown below.

Ichiro Seshima - seshima at classichelicoptercorp.com

F. George Baker - baker at classichelicoptercorp.com

As in most companies, I suspect that communicating directly with the senior people (in this case co-owners) will have the biggest probability of success.  I just finished sending an e-mail to them.

John Tubbs

Snoqualmie, WA

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On Monday I was up checking out the status of the Snoqualmie Falls peregrines.  Spotted the female at the site of the scrape that they used lst year.  She was scratching around in the dirt and seemingly getting ready for some egg laying – no eggs seen by me.  At about 11:30 one of the yellow Seattle Helitours choppers came roaring in so low that the cockpit was level with where I was standing on the walkway.  The pilot then flew in close to the Falls itself, and right in front of the female.  Needless to say she was out of there in a flash.

The chopper stayed only a few minutes, but the female did not return while I was there – at least another hour.  This is a terrible situation.  I don’t know how frequently these guys fly in, but even once is too much at that level, in that location and at this time of year.

I post this so that others may take note of any further inappropriate activity when they are in the area.  I have contacted both Seattle Helitours (Todd Simonson, 206.767.0515) and Dept of Fish and Wildlife (Chris Anderson, 425.775.1311)  Both assured me they would see what they could do about the pilots’ routes.    However, I think it’s up to observers to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen.



Janet P. Ray

Preston , WA

janetlaura at earthlink.net

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