[Tweeters] loaner binocs?

wong chupaflor at igc.org
Fri Mar 11 14:33:29 PST 2011

Hi Tweeterdom,

I am taking a group of ~12 non-birder adults on a short beginners hike
in April. Most of them do not own binoculars. I was wondering if
anyone out there is willing to lend their extras to the group for this
half-day trip. They needn't be fancy ones; as these are non-birders,
basically any kind will do, as long as they are in working condition.

I'm aware that I can rent some, but the funds are very limited, so
thought I'd put the request out to the group here.

Please send me a private message if you can help in any way, or for
further info.

Thank you!
isadora arevalo wong
seattle, wa
chupaflor at igc.org

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