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McDowell, Taylor mcdowel2 at seattleu.edu
Wed Mar 16 16:19:28 PDT 2011

Hello all,

I am an Environmental Studies student at Seattle University and an amateur birder and photographer. Lately I have been documenting and observing the hummingbird population on campus (primarily Anna's), and recently I have discovered a nesting Anna's hummingbird. I have been observing and photographing this nest for about a week now, and most of this documentation will contribute towards a research project I will be conducting this spring.

Since I have discovered the nest, the female has not seemed to have been bothered by my presence. I have been able to move within a few feet of the nest to observe it without stirring her. I have also been watching her as she feeds and goes out of her way to chase away other birds in the vicinity, all the while she hums around me, appearing to not mind me being there at all. Despite her seeming familiarity with me, I do want to remain respectful of her nest and space. The last thing I want to do while observing her is scare her away from her own nest.

Does anyone have suggestions of how I can observe her nest as close as possible without being a disturbance? Or perhaps does anyone understand her behavior as it pertains to my presence? I have seen many videos in which hummingbirds appear to almost be indifferent (or even social) towards humans. I have been photographing with a 300mm lens, however the nest is so small to begin with it is difficult to photograph in the first place.

Interesting little birds! Here is a picture I have taken of this female:

Taylor McDowell
Seattle, WA
mcdowel2 at seattleu.edu

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