[Tweeters] RE: Golden and Bald eagle show at Oak Creek with the Elk

Antony Sirgedas asirgedas at rainierconnect.com
Wed Mar 16 21:18:53 PDT 2011

Yes, the bulls do seem to have carried their antlers late. The really big
bulls and the spikes looked like they have all dropped their antlers, it was
all the 5 and 6 points bulls that still carried head gear.

As far as the eagles, it might be hard to tell on the internet sized
images, but if you can see the bill that is a good clue to the bird. The
golden eagle bill is dark at the tip fading to a lighter horn or yellow
color at the base, while the bald eagle has a solid yellow bill. Also a
juvenile bald eagle will have bare legs, the golden eagles in these photos
all have heavily feathered legs. From a distance without seeing the bill or
legs clearly they do look similar to juvenile bald eagles.


From: "Kelly McAllister" <mcallisters4 AT comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 19:02:38 -0700

Nice pictures. I was surprised to see the larger bulls still carrying their

antlers. Seems late. I suspect they'll be dropping them very soon. The

eagles all appear to be Bald Eagles.

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