[Tweeters] Little Gull off Edmonds

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 19:55:14 PDT 2011

Barry asked ---> Is there any way to access that, other than to scope it from
the Sunset/Caspers corner?  Is it possible to walk along the beach, and if so,
where do you access the beach, to do that?  <----

The only way to legally access what I call the Shell Creek Spit is to walk along
the beach north from Brackett's Landing when the tide is sufficiently low. 
Brackett's Landing is located just north of the ferry dock and is home to the
underwater dive park. There is parking and restrooms.  

Once at the Spit, be sure to scope the thick grove of tall fir trees about a
quarter mile east on the other side of the railroad tracks.  A  pair of adult
bald eagles hangs out there on occasion.   

As you walk along the beach, keep an eye out for small hawks which like to
fly along the bank of the bluff which follows the railroad tracks below Sunset
Ave.   I have seen eagles along the beach and perched on the large boulders
beside the railroad embankment as well. 

Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA.

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