[Tweeters] Killdeer Behavior at Night

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Hello Joe,

The following is from Cornell Birds on Line:

" Long, pointed wings allow rapid flight and quick maneuvers. Northern populations are migratory, southern ones resident. The Killdeer is active both day and night and can often be heard calling overhead in the darkness, especially in early spring and late summer. Mall parking lots and lighted ball fields seem to be attractive for nocturnal activities, which include a great deal of socializing, calling, and foraging."


Flight is rapid and strong. Birds in flocks generally are well dispersed. Rate of wing-flap-ping 2.4 flaps/s ( n = 3; Blake 1947 ). Flight speeds measured from an automobile (no mention of local winds) included 45–56 km/h for birds in leisurely flight; one individual could not be overtaken at 89 km/h ( McLean 1930 )."

I have also seen and heard the behavior you reported at night, usually above well lit areas and above park parking lots.

Dan Reiff

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Howdy Tweets,

Last night while walking through the Montlake Fill (6:30-7:00pm) I noticed a pair of Killdeer flying and vocalizing. I'm fairly sure that I've heard the same calls from above my house (near the Green Lake Reservoir) at night. Is this type of nocturnal activity normal for Killdeer? Has anyone else made similar observations?

~Joe Meredith
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