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Re: "Anyone ever seen this phenomenon (starling flocking ballet) in the US?"

Yes, have seen it in several places, most notably at the Friday Harbor ferry
dock-very consistent most spring and summer late afternoons toward evening.

Henne Queisser

Redmond, WA / Green Valley, AZ

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Thanks, Mike and Penny for alerting us to more info and interest in the
starling spectacle, population situation and UK starlings in general - it's
fascinating! But, also I've found the following narrated video about the
flocking phenomenon to be an intriguing and seemingly viable non-predator
explanation as well as a visual masterpiece - a friend sent me this. And
there are lots more visual youtube "Black Cloud" treats awaiting our clicks
- I've only checked out a few and find this one tops. Take a look - you'll
be hooked! I think I may be moved to start up a new group: SAS2 (Starling
Appreciation Society - the "2" is added because the acronymn SAS is already
taken by our local Audubon Society). First thing we will work on is to
continue the work of SOW (Save Our Wetlands) while we concurrently start a
movement to build up the US flocks so we don't have to travel to Europe to
witness this behavior. Yes, I'm jesting, but I sure am developing a
new-found admiration of starlings. Anyone ever seen this phenomenon
(starling flocking ballet) in the US?


Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net

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