[Tweeters] Plegadis Ibis - Ridgefield NWR

Scott Carpenter slcarpenter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 17:40:09 PST 2011

While conducting a goose and raptor survey on the Roth/Ridgeport Dairy
Units of Ridgefield NWR today, I saw a single dark ibis (plegadis) species
flying west toward Rentenaar Rd on Sauvie Island. While I am 100%
confident that the bird was a plegadis, I did not see enough to verify that
it was a White-faced Ibis and not a Glossy Ibis.

The ibis appeared to come from off of refuge property, due east of the
northern tip of Post Office Lake. Per Google maps, the nearest publicly
accessible road to this location is NW Kreiger Rd, between NW 179th and NW
192nd. I remained in the area of Post Office Lake for some time after
seeing the ibis fly toward Rentenaar Rd. on Sauvie Island, and I never saw
the bird again. Sauvie Island, Scappoose Bottoms, and Ridgefield NWR all
seem to offer the most appropriate habitat for an ibis; White-faced Ibis
have been seen on the River S Unit of Ridgefield in the past.

Scott Carpenter
Portland, Oregon
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