[Tweeters] Black Slate-colored Junco?

notcalm at comcast.net notcalm at comcast.net
Sat Nov 12 02:19:34 PST 2011

Hello Tweeters,

For the past three years we have had very brief visits from Slate-colored Juncos, male and female, usually during the coldest weather or snow.

Last year we had a visit from a very impressive black and white only Junco male. Tuesday an identical bird showed up on our deck. I captured some hand-held camera video of the bird. Saw it both in direct sun and shade. It was all black on dorsal body surfaces and white on ventral surfaces and expected tail feathers. My wife grew up on East coast and said it was not the typical gray color of the slate-colored she often saw there.

So, are their black variants of Slate-colored Juncos? A very beautiful bird.

Dan Reiff
Mercer Island

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