[Tweeters] Montlake Fill at 2:00 Today

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sat Nov 12 15:18:13 PST 2011

I live very close to the fill and the Huskies were
pathetic, so I raced over to the Fill to see if I
could grab a look at the Swan and Hooded
Mergansers that were reported earlier today...
Well only partially successful. No swan and I
looked everywhere and it would be hard to miss.
My timing must have been off. BUT...there were
many other treats. Connie had earlier reported 29
Hooded Mergansers on the Main Pond in her post at
the kiosk and the earlier tweeters post indicated
39 (or more as they were moving about). I found
at least 42 on the Main Pond and another pair on
the SW or Carp pond. Also on the Mai Pond were a
number of Green Winged Teal, some mallards,
Shovelers and Gadwalls and many Bufflehead plus
one Great Blue Heron. As I moved to the SW Pond,
I saw a Cooper's Hawk being mobbed by a group of
crows. It seemingly paid no attention to three
crows, but when the group got to five, it took
off. In Conibear Slough (is that the name?), in
addition to a number of Pied Billed Grebes and
Mallards, Widgeon and Gadwalls, there were at
least 9 Wood Ducks, the most I have seen there.
Also the standard D.C. Cormorants but not a single
coot - and indeed I saw no coots anywhere. I made
another round of all the water without any Swan
success but saw two more Great Blue Herons, two
Kingfishers and a number of sparrows (Savannah and
Golden Crowned and a possible Lincolns). Notably
not seen were any Robins although I admit I was
preoccupied with getting to the ponds to see if I
could find a Swan. If it is seen again, please
report as it would be a new bird for the Fill.

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