[Tweeters] Woodland Bottoms

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Sun Nov 13 20:11:24 PST 2011

Had a quick look at the Columbia River just north of the Lewis River this morning.  On the sand spit were gulls of 4 species, 32 Black-bellied P lovers, and at least 7 Dunlin.  The huge scaup flocks included a very orange-billed Western Grebe among about 5 0 with paler bills, a single female-plumaged Surf Scoter, and a dull Canvasback.  The scaup were 98+% Greater Scaup.  I looked hurriedly for the Rusty Blackbird, but there were large dispersed flocks using the fields nearby that weren't inclined to stay put.  N othing used the covered feed pile  during the short period that I stood watch.

Randy Hill

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