[Tweeters] Rusty Blackbird - Snohomish

Barry Johnson barrydjohnson55 at frontier.com
Fri Nov 18 19:24:56 PST 2011

I was in the Snohomish area today and had a little time - so I decided to
drive around the area West of Spencer Island to see if I could find a
Pheasant. No luck with the Pheasant, but I did find a Rusty Blackbird in a
large flock of blackbirds and starlings. The bird was in the field on the
South side of Swans Slough Rd (about 200 yards from the intersection with
64th St SE.

Also, chased the Snowy Owl posted by Steve Pink. Arrived at 4:40pm, the
Snowy Owl was still in the field at the end of Thomle Rd.

To late to chase the Black Phobe, mayby tomorrow or Sunday.

Barry Johnson
Lynnwood, WA
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