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Thanks, Wayne.

I remember it as "the winter of '74," but it was the winter that ended in 74, not began! I wonder if that is a consistent convention, naming the winter after its second year. I suppose it should be, as it just keeps getting more wintry after the turn of the year.


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> Dennis,


> I believe your recollection is off just slightly. The biggest recent flight

> year was 1973-4 (the flight of the century?), not 1974-5. The Ladner

> Christmas Bird Count in 1973 tallied 107 Snowy Owls, which I believe still

> stands as the all-time North American high count on a CBC. The following

> year (1974) we counted only 17 Snowy Owls, which would qualify as an "echo

> flight"-- still more owls than are seen in most "flight years".


> When I heard one day in November 1973 that one observer had counted 33 Snowy

> Owls just on the south jetty at Iona Island, I knew that an event of

> historic proportions was underway!


> Wayne C. Weber

> Delta, BC

> contopus at telus.net

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