[Tweeters] Target bird: snowy owl, Renton, now

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Mon Nov 28 11:29:01 PST 2011

Thanksgiving morning I spent considerable time looking for the Owl after it
had been reported to be seen at Pac Car by Bluedarner.

I had read the post from Bud Anderson. He said to look for early arrivals on
the ground as their normal habitat is flat tundra. Later, look for them
higher up.

I am familiar with most of that area. I reinforced that by using Google
Earth. The open fields is where I concentrated the majority of my search. I
also checked the mouth of the Cedar.

Fry's and Target are just north of Paccar. I drove by them on the south side
not thinking the owl might be one of their roofs. Unless it is sitting on a
parapet, you will not be able to see it.

The only place high enough would be from the Park on ramp to 405 if the
foliage allows. We have stopped there in the past to look down into the
Osprey nest at Fry's/Lowes.

I check Google Earth again this morning. Fry's, Target and most of the new
buildings, in that area, have flat white roofs. It would be interesting to
know if that would be a draw to them, looking like home.

We are going later today to see what we can see. Will report later, Bob

Bob & Bernie

BobnBernie at comcast.net

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If you would like to see a Snowy owl this evening, I found one sitting on
the target store in Renton a few minutes ago. It did fly briefly to the frys
store roof. I first saw it from the frys parking lot as i was getting out of
my car looking across the street above the1215 target store sign. I last saw
it on the edge of the roof, wide awake and hunting at garden and eighth. If
you look for it, drive around the target building and look at edges.
It appeared to be hunting gulls.

There was no indication that this "target" bird was hunting for bargains.
All kidding aside the bird is there now at close range and viewable near
lights if you would like to see a snowy owl.
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