[Tweeters] For giving THANKS!!!!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 28 09:07:49 PST 2011

Dear Tweeters,
this is one of the Best Hobby on earth.It is always a spiritual
experience,but for some reason it can be a danger.I used to going on the big
Jetty in Ocean Shores (last time when I photographed the Pribilofs
Sandpiper in Ocean Shores,this was years ago.A nice birder told me how
dangerous the Jetty can become.This was my last time I climbed the Jetty
with my camera.
I like to thank all the many birders who wrote to me,to be so concerned of
my well being.I give in to going some of the swampy areas trying for a great
Dragonflies,I had many incident's where I took a big risk.There is still one
of the rare Darners (Ashna
palmata)where Dennis Paulson who got me started of this great Hobby
interfere not giving me the location.He know how dangerous it can be going
in Swampy habitat!!!!!!!Even going alone in some the most isolated places is
a Risk.So this is another awakening for me to be more careful,The lady who
helped me getting up(she was attending her young Son who also had a fall
earlier.This also like to share,most Sunday's I been going to Church,for
some reason After Patrick left me alone I feel (since I have no Relatives
here in the state,in case I need help,I would be save.I never had this
desire before but the time is here now.
The Pastor approached me yesterday,telling me that he saw the "BIG YEAR"
with his 12 year old Son.He heard of me because I
not attending regular Church ,that I am a birder.When the Movie was out His
Son told him that he need some Binoculars,that he would like to become also
a Birder.The Son is now a Scout's and love the outdoors.This is an
opportunity get involved introducing this Young man to birdying,even so it
was my Son who got me to love birdying.I feel real blessed about this.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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