[Tweeters] Sharp-shinned Hawks vs Great Horned Owl

Dawn Bailey dawnsdog at rainierconnect.com
Sat Oct 1 09:20:02 PDT 2011

Hi Tweets,
As I write this the GHO is sitting in the maple tree still looking for her free meal. Though she can hear us talking and looks at us from her perch.

It started with a swift kill of a Downey woodpecker from the left side of the yard. I heard the ky ky ky of a hawk and ran to the slider to spot the bird. My husband had seen the hawk fly past the window with a bird in her talons, so I slowly peeked thru the slider hoping to catch a glimpse.
A small hawk flies into the big maple as the larger female has the Downey right at the bottom of our steps. She flies to the other side of the elderberry as we watch her pluck and kill the Downey, and as we watch I see a huge bird flying right towards the hawks, it is a GHO! The hawks scatter as the owl lands in the maple looking for the Downey. The female hawk returns to harass the owl and I am sure to take their meal back.
After a few minutes the hawks give up and fly away and we are still watching the owl as she flies closer to the house, still scanning the yard for a meal.
An exciting morning for us!

Dawn Bailey
Eatonville, WA
dawnsdog at rainierconnect.com

"The worlds not changed.....there's just less in it"
Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott
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