[Tweeters] blackpoll warbler ??

James M Campanelli jcampane at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 3 12:43:46 PDT 2011

Seen at Magnussen park on the top of the hill south of the boat launch.I noted a lightly streaked olive back with a bright yellow throat and breast fading to the vent. there were white wing bars but i did not see the legs or feet . It was definitely not a kinglet or Hutton's vireo. Not a yellow rump or Townsend's either.My search exposed this, an exact duplicate of what i saw, found here
and here
had I known what i was looking at or knew what to look for I would have tried to spot the feet to make the ID solid.When i went back to the book i was carrying i saw exactly what it looked like and the notes state a few make it to the west coast each year. Has anyone else seen this around here ever?
I also saw

~6CB chickadees
1 W towhee male
RC kinglet
2 song sparrows
2 Stellers jays
2 crows

Same day Sunday 10/2/2011

Magnussen wetlands

white fronted geese 2 adult one juv.
Red tail hawk hunting, killing and eating
Multiple crows mobbing
mallards I didn't count
1 widgeon

The fill

Coots too numerous to count .
Canada geese about 20
one eclipse wood duck
Green wing teal 1 male and several females?
Townsend's warblers to fast to count
chickadees as above
yellow rumped warblers ditto

and finally on the play field

5 white fronted geese 2 adult 3 juv
and 5 cackling geese 2 adult 3 juv.

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my resident Steller's jays


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