[Tweeters] OT need Moth ID help ...

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Tue Oct 4 10:45:00 PDT 2011

hi all ... I know some of you folks are good at butterflies as well
as birds ... anyone good at Moths ??? ... so far I've looked at
THOUSANDS of images online and am giving up ... discovered there's
even a "moth photographers" database (with THOUSANDS of Moths) at
Mississippi State !!!!!!!! ... I've already looked at over a thousand
images there and am not even close to finding a match ... never
realized there were so many Moths in the U.S. ... anyways, I'd just
like to name this guy, doesn't have to be scientific, a common name
will do ... found him at Vancouver Lake yesterday ... he really was a
bit more yellow/gold colored than the photo suggests ... please
respond offline too so as not to clog up the list (
pointers at pacifier.com ) ... thanks, Lyn


Lyn Topinka

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