[Tweeters] RE: 84 wood ducks

Angela Percival angela at stillwatersci.com
Tue Oct 4 22:31:55 PDT 2011

Thanks so much for sharing Martyn's recording with us Bob; it was

Angela Percival
Olympia, WA
Angela at stillwater scidotcom


From: viper.bob at frontier.com
Subject: [Tweeters] 84 wood ducks at my feed this afternoon

I have posted before about the annual fall wood duck invasion at my
backyard pond. Well, it hasn't stopped and they are back in force. I
have started scattering the feed (mixture of hen scratch and game bird
pellets) around under my bird feeder which is near our deck and they
come readily to it. This afternoon I counted them as they flew in and
came up with 84, although I have had as many as 125 at one time.
Last year Martyn Stewart came out and recorded the sounds of them
feeding out at my pond. You can hear it at the following link:


Bob Kothenbeutel

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