[Tweeters] Ruff continues at Nisqually this AM.

bill shelmerdine georn1 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 6 09:50:53 PDT 2011

Good Morning All,
Just a quick note that the juvenile Ruff continues at Nisqually. It was observed feeding on the flats across the dike and north of the twin barns between 0730 and 0815. This is clearly the favored spot at this time as the tide was fairly low and there were plenty of other feeding options. The bird was associated with a group of about 140 Dowitchers which also contained two Pectoral Sandpipers. Also in the mix were 5 Black-bellied Plover (BBPL), 3 Western Sandpipers, and 1 Greater Yellowlegs. Note that at least some previous posts had the Ruff associating with BBPL. This was not the case this AM, as I watched the plover fly in from the outer delta and the Ruff was not with them. It was later found with the largest groups of Dowitchers (at least some of which were Long-billed). The bird was seen well and I thought rather easy to pick out though it was rather distant and a scope is needed.
Cheers and good birding
Bill Shelmerdine, Olympia
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