[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 6 Oct 2011

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Thu Oct 6 11:38:18 PDT 2011


It started out drizzly, but then turned to just a heavy overcast. Not too
chilly and not too windy. And, despite, the continued construction of the
new lagoon and a large turnout for the high school Construction Career Day,
the birds were out in good numbers--61 species for the morning.

Yellow-rumped (at least 100), Orange-crowned (6), Wilson's (2),
Black-throated Gray and Yellow Warblers, plus Common Yellowthroat (4).
Several dozen Cedar Waxwings joined in the flycatching frenzy with the
Golden-crowned (at least 100), White-crowned (almost as many), Lincoln's
(13), Savannah (12) and Fox (6) Sparrows.
A small flock of White-fronted Geese flying in circles mid-lake at dawn and
another flock of Snow Geese (~90) heading up-lake shortly after.
Many Western and Horned Grebes plus a couple of Common Mergansers.
Western Meadowlark (2) and a Pacific Wren, both new for the fall.
No shorebirds other than a handful of Killdeer and several calling Wilson's
Snipe, before dawn.
Barn Owls, early, 1 calling from the trees on 62nd Ave, another hunting the
Varied (8), Hermit (3) and Swainson's (2) Thrush.

Scott Ramos

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