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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 13:40:05 PDT 2011

Hey tweets, the Fill was as active as I've ever seen it this morning.
Hundreds of Yellow-rumped Warblers were exchanging places on the
branches of nearly every tree. Mixed in were some Orange-crowned
Warblers and a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

Out on the lake my FOY Western Grebe was fishing, not far from two
Horned Grebes. As I watched from across a field, a juvenile Northern
Harrier swooped down from some worm hole or other, wings folded into a
falcon shape. Just before it hit the dirt, it spread out everything it
owned and flattened into a more normal form. Reminded me about the
first time I went driving with a newly enlicensed youngster of my
acquaintance. We hit some steep hills in West Seattle and became
airborne. I was sure I heard the trumpets calling me home as we nose-
dived toward the pavement. I'll never forget how fast my life spooled
out in front of me, just like cheap novels say, nor how aggrieved the
youngster felt when I mildly mentioned that cars were not airplanes. I
think the harrier must have been filled with that same combination of
youthful exuberance and overinflated confidence.

Also of note: 3 Band-tailed Pigeons, a Wilson's Snipe, flocks of Ring-
necked Ducks, a Virginia Rail, a flock of American Pipits, and 7
different sparrow species (Fox, Song, Savannah, Lincoln's, White-
crowned, Golden-crowned, and Spotted Towhee). - Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com
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