[Tweeters] Common Ringed Plover at Nisqually

rtshaw80 rtshaw80 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 7 19:12:56 PDT 2011

Greetings all,

I visited the Nisqually NWR today with hopes of finding the Ruff that has been present this week. Between 11:30 and 4:30 I stood sentry along the dike as the tide came in pushing the birds closer. No Ruff but.....

Black-bellied Plover 35-40 mostly juves
Semipalmated Plover 4-5; also juves
COMMON RINGED PLOVER seen at 3:30, it appeared to be an adult; seen in flight but from a close range making several passes. It called often; I was first alerted to it by hearing a strange call; much different than the Semipalmated Plover calls. A soft tooee call much shorter, softer and not nearly as emphatic as that of a Semiplover. It called repeatedly about 20 times before it landed out of sight. Tried to relocate it for another hour without success, it was high tide. I hope it turns up again.
Sanderling - 1 bird
Least Sandpiper - 50
Western Sandpiper - 120ish still alot of bright juves
Dunlin 150
Long-billed Dowitcher 80
Short-villed Dowitcher 8-10 mostly all juves with both species
Pectoral Sandpiper - 6 juves

Lots of American Pipits around as well.


Ryan Shae
rtshaw80 at hotmail.com

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