[Tweeters] Black-Tailed Gull Continues

Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 22:58:11 PDT 2011

I was able to locate the Black-tailed Gull from the Dick Gilmur Shoreline
Access at about 3:25 pm this afternoon. I was still lining up my scope with
the closest log boom, when it popped right into view within searching for a
minute or so. I showed it to a couple of visiting birders and we lost it.
Some of the gulls started flying around, but we did relocate it. Initially
it had been to the left of the rusty metal ball, but moved over to right
side. Gregg Thompson was out on the water with his kayak and had taken some
great shots a little earlier, but the gull had flown off. It is certainly
still worthwhile for anybody who would like to see the gull to come out.

Godd Birding!

*Hans Feddern*
Twin Lakes/Federal Way, WA
thefedderns at gmail.com
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