[Tweeters] More migrants, Wild Horse Wind Farm, Kittitas County

Walter Szeliga walter.szeliga at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 19:31:18 PDT 2011

Dear Tweeters,
I decided to check out the habitat available for birding at the PSE
Wild Horse Wind Farm (no-cost permit required) along Vantage Highway
in eastern Kittitas County this afternoon (10/8). The upland shrub-
steppe habitat has some fantastic strips of Ponderosa Pine, which is
where I concentrated most of my time. Highlights included numerous
Mountain Bluebirds, large mixed flocks of Golden-crowned Kinglets,
Ruby-crowned Kinglets, White-crowned Sparrows and oddly enough Varied
Thrush were common. Other "new" migrants included Slate-colored
Juncos mixed in with the Oregon Juncos, and dozens of crazed Hermit
Thrushes. I was hit by one Hermit Thrush, and had a few close calls
with others while walking through the tall Sage. The calling Hermit
Thrushes and calling Varied Thrushes also presented a nice audio quiz
with their similar "chup" notes. The bird of the day was a late Gray
Flycatcher. Notably absent were any Yellow-rumped Warblers or Quail/

Walter Szeliga
Ellensburg, WA

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