[Tweeters] Salmon Meadows - Boreal Chickadee, Spruce Grouse

Randy Bjorklund randimal at comcast.net
Sun Oct 9 22:22:07 PDT 2011

Hi Tweeters,
I had a great trip this weekend to Salmon Meadows above Conconully. I
stayed Saturday night in Conconully so I could go up early in the morning
and it turned out to be a beautiful day despite the rumors of rain. A few
miles above Salmon Meadows, after many MOUNTAIN CHICKADEES I ran into a
group of about 12 BOREAL CHICKADEES that stayed in the area for about 10
minutes. They were tricky to photograph, but I got one OK picture. Shortly
after I spotted a KHANH TRAN in a small mixed flock. These seem to be quite
common in Okanogan County.

After a few poor views of grouse fleeing my car, I finally stopped the car
and just waited in the area where the grouse seemed concentrated. It turned
out to be a good idea as they eventually decided I was no threat and came
back to the area. I eventually got views of at least 6 SPRUCE GROUSE.
Suprisingly, they kept getting closer and closer, up to about 10 feet away,
so I got pretty good pictures despite the shade. Other good birds in the
area included some flocks of RED CROSSBILLS, and a single PINE GROSBEAK
watching from the top of a spruce. I was also suprised to find butterflies
still around. I took an OK shot of a MOURNING CLOAK.

About 10 mintues downhill of Conconully, I came across about 20 CHUKAR
posing beautifully in the sunshine beside the road so I quickly pulled over.
As soon as I got my camera out, the beautifully posing Chukars became 20
frantically running, flapping and screaming Chukars, determined to avoid
getting their pictures taken, so I don't have much to show for effort
photographically. But it was actually my first time seeing Chukar though
I've heard them before.

Turned out to be a fantastic trip with 2 lifers plus the Chukars. The
scenery was great with the Larches turning gold and the beautiful weather.
And I got a few good photos which I posted on my Picasa site.


As a bonus, the Salmon Meadows pictures are followed by about 30 nature pics
from Kauai for those of you who are getting sunstarved.

Randy Bjorklund
Federal Way, WA

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