[Tweeters] Long-toed Salamander at Nisqually NWR (George Gerdts)

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Mon Oct 10 13:23:49 PDT 2011


While visiting Nisqually NWR in an attempt to re-locate the C. Ringed
Plover and the Ruffon on Sat. morning 10/8, Mary Anne Rossing and I happened
upon Bill Tweit holding forth on the ID challenges that NW salamanders pose.
I took a few close-up shots of one he had in his hand, did a bit of
research, and determined that it was a Long-toed Salamander (Ambystoma
macrodactylum). It was not a Plethodon vehiculum (W. Red-backed Salmander) which
can also have a yellow or yellowish-green dorsal stripe. The exceptionally
long 4th digit on the hind foot of the Long-toed is the easiest field mark
to separate the two species.

Here is a link to some photos:


George Gerdts
Bainbridge Island
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