[Tweeters] Mystery Sandpiper

Barry Ulman ubarry at qwest.net
Tue Oct 11 13:16:59 PDT 2011

Hi Tweeters,

Last Saturday several of us observed a small sandpiper at the Skagit Wildlife Center or Wylie Slough. We all thought it was a BAIRD'S SANDPIPER, but when I examined the many photographs I took of it, I noticed that the wings did not extend beyond the tail. Other field marks seemed right for a Baird's: a tad larger than a Western, black legs, somewhat scaly appearance on the back, and a buffy tint on the head and breast. I posted three photographs for your perusal; the exposure isn't the best because I was shooting into the light. Any ideas?


Barry Ulman
Bellingham, WA.
ubarry at qwest.net

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