[Tweeters] Weird hummer-scrub jay behavior

Kelsey Byers kjbyers at uw.edu
Wed Oct 12 12:20:48 PDT 2011

Hi all,

While walking to work on Monday morning I chanced to see a fairly
long-tailed, long-billed passerine fly over my head into the top of a tall
conifer. Based on the (silhouetted against rain clouds, how helpful)
quick field marks (long tail, jay-sized, bill ~as long as head, pale
breast) it looks like a Western Scrub-Jay.

What surprised me (now that we know those guys are fairly common here) was
seeing the three *very angry* hummingbirds (probably Anna's this time of
year) buzzing the WSJ for several minutes, darting in and out and
generally hovering within a few feet.

Anyone have any info on why this might be? Very weird.

Kelsey Byers (Wallingford/Green Lake)
Department of Biology
kjbyers at uw.edu

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