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Thu Oct 13 10:38:13 PDT 2011

The Big Year was screened in Seattle last night. Quite a few Auduboners
were present. The reviewer in Dennis'post from Colorado pretty much got
it right in my opinion. There were times I was wincing (maybe because I
saw some of my greatest foibles) and times I was nodding in total
agreement. But throughout it all I had to remind myself that this is a
Hollywood movie and not a documentary. You will have to be willing to
suspend disbelief at some of the liberties taken. But if you go in with
that mindset, you'll probably see the movie as a fun ride. I'd say Jack
Black steals the film. Angelica Huston is pitch perfect. Joel McHale
(local comedian and actor) and Kevin Pollak talents are pretty much
wasted in minor roles. Brian Dennehy, ends up with a couple of the
movies best scenes.
Does any one who has read the book remember Bostick finding the
woodpecker in Oregon that he is credited with in the film?
barry levine
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