[Tweeters] Seattle Audubon Visiting Today!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 13 21:07:41 PDT 2011

Hello Tweeters,
I birdied Yesterday part of the day ,with the regular Group in Nisqually.I
think this is the first time that 9 Rapture got found in one day. I had
some problem keeping my heavy Leica scope on the tripot.Shep recomand the
Seattle AUDUBON Shop 0n 35th Avenue North East.

I never visit this well recommended shop to me,but I kind of was desperate
after I visit Robis Camera shop here in Tacoma and there could not help me.
I called right when there open,And a so friendly Gentleman answer,and told
me after I explained what the problem is ,that he can fix the problem.So off
I went found the place with no problem from the direction from Greg,thank
you so much for the exact direction what I followed step by step.I was
surprised to se so much parking space.and I loved this cozy shop with so
much merchandise well organized,But the best was the way I was GREETED
stepping in to the store.This nice men who I talked on the telephon, fixing
the problem in no time ,infact he fixed two other gadget for the future
problem.The Cost was 0.It is hard to believe that something like this
exist.I spend some 2 hours in the shop,talking to the 2 ladies one was
Webster,both Paul and Barbara who Patrick and I birded with in the past on
one of the Wostrips in Okanagon.
It was a delight trip and after hearing so much about this Shop ,I was so
surprised how nice this place is.As always can I not resist
when I find some bird Pin's ,I always have to buying some,to show them on my
head cap ore my West.The shop having a big selection on hand.There also
having the most Binocular of any brand you can name ,also that is going for
the newest model Scopes,you can trying them out right in the parking Lot
with all the good service.
Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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