[Tweeters] Review of "The Big Year"

Tim Johnson chertandtalus at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 07:44:28 PDT 2011

What great fun! My wife and I went to the theatre, bought our tickets, and the ticket taker took our sTUBS. Then I had to use the JOHN. Then we bought two TUBBS of popcorn and sat down and enjoyed the movie.

I laughed and laughed when Owen Wilson made a lot of corny jokes. And the robot Pine Grosbeak they used reminded me of a real life Pine Grosbeak! How cool is that?!  I recommend this movie to all for laughs and good bird fun. You will all relate to it. The trip to Attu reminded me of my own trip there in 69.

P.S.  What great Washington birder/photographer legend does my first paragraph remind you of! Respect is what I'm all about.

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