[Tweeters] The Big Year

Toby Andrews my96ssdcm at comcast.net
Sat Oct 15 08:28:00 PDT 2011

I took a non-birder to see "The Big Year" movie Friday night. Both of us
enjoyed the movie immensely. As a part time chaser I got a kick out of the
Brownsville dump for the Mexican Crow and the mention of the Xantus
Hummingbird in Gibson, B.C., both birds I chased and saw. It is the first
movie in such a long time that I've seen that didn't have to use foul
language to try to get a point across. I know chasing is not for everyone.
I have enjoyed reading about what goes into a Big Year, the desire, expense
and the commitment. I have read Lynn Barber's, Sandy Komito's and Kenn
Kauffman's book on their big years and have been envious of those that are
able to devote a year of their lives to their hobby (obsession). This movie
is pretty accurate as to what the chasers go through, there is a "little
creative license" but it does not distract from the main plot.

Toby Andrews


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