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Now that we'll be having American military advisors in central Africa, we should start to get reports of birds and habitats in that poorly birded region (I hope).

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA

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Thanks to all (10 so far) who have responded to my
request for input on birding South Africa. All of
the information has been positive and useful.
Some input has been that it is possible to bird
the area very well without going through the
organized (and generally expensive) big tour
companies since the infrastructure is so good.
Far and away however has been essentially a
unanimous endorsement of Rockjumper Tours - a
South African company that leads tours there and
elsewhere. Significantly less expensive than VENT
and Wings for example and clearly appreciated by
all who have used them.
http://www.rockjumperbirding.com/ Looks like a
can't miss trip.
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