[Tweeters] Oh-for-five on ptarmigan

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 16 20:21:00 PDT 2011

Dear Tweeters,

Today I made my fifth attempt in three months to see a White-tailed Ptarmigan on Sahale Arm. One of those attempts was foiled by rain last month, when Jim McCoy and I never got out of the forest. However, today was the fourth day since August that I have spent wandering all over that place, and still no luck!

I ran into two hikers who'd snow-camped on the lower arm. They had small family groups of ptarmigan chuckling away right in their camp, both today (10-16-11) and yesterday!

Not I. Many tracks did I see, and a nice feather did I find, but neither the makers of the tracks nor the plume-shedder appeared.

A Northern Pygmy Owl was giving a four- to five-note-per second long call, in exactly the same spot where Jim and I saw one last month. A Hermit Thrush was at the start of the trail.

Complete species list follows:

Sharp-shinned Hawk, 2 adults;
Ptarmigan: only tracks and feathers;
Sooty Grouse, only tracks, down in the forest, much larger than ptarmgian tracks;
Northern Pygmy Owl, one heard;
Hairy Woodpecker, one heard;
Golden-crowned Kinglet, several small flocks;
Chestnut-backed Chickadee, ditto;
Red-breasted Nuthatch, ditto;
Varied Thrush, around 15;
Hermit Thrush, 1;
Pacific Wren, only one heard, way up in last trees just below pass;
Oregon Junco, 3 near parking area;
Evening Grosbeak, 40 or so;
Red Crossbill, 15;
Pine Siskin, 2;
Grey-crowned Rosy Finch, 25.

Pikas were much in evidence, although I saw none with vegetation in their mouths. There were a couple of chipmunks, a Douglas Squirrel (I assume) and one or two other small mammals that bounded away. Up on the Arm, there were many, many mammal tracks, but I don't know what they were. I saw no goats or marmots.

I reckon this hike will still be do-able for a few more days, but the next storm that comes in will probably make it very unpleasant; I had a bit of post-holing to do as it was, but another snowfall will about wrap it up for this year.

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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