[Tweeters] Magpie vs. Kestrel

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Sun Oct 16 21:27:31 PDT 2011

hi all ... saturday Gene and I went up the Gorge to Horsethief Lake /
Columbia Hills State Park to take the guided walk to see the
pictograph "She Who Watches" ("Tsagaglalal") ... she's BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!

we then headed up to Goldendale to see if we could find Black-billed
Magpies ... I'd never seen one before ... SUCCESS !!! ... we had them
along Highway 14 just before Maryhill ... I was amazed at how long
the tail was !!!!!!! ...

my first view ... a scenic ...

as we sat along side the road watching them we noticed an American
Kestrel flying in ... the Magpies did NOT like that ... eventually
one of them chased the Kestrel, hop-scotching along the electrical
wires ... the chase finally ended with the Magpie's last jump, upon
which the Kestrel left the area for good ... here's a couple of pix
to enjoy ...

one of the confrontations ---

the jump ---

my camera BTW was the 16meg Sony Superzoom (hx100v) with it's 30x
zoom ... not a bad little superzoom ... the day was overcast and gray
and it managed to get ok pictures ...

all total, we had 24 different species of birds pass us by altho we
weren't really looking for birds but took note of what we saw ... we
enjoyed chasing down a flock of California Quail at Horsethief Butte
(always fun), watched a group of Western Grebes in the middle of the
Columbia, and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what
species this big gray goose was in the middle of the Columbia, until
we finally realized it was someone's escaped decoy floating down the
river ... and on the drive back we passed HUNDREDS of American Coots
in the Columbia although we apparently missed the flock of 1800 John
Gatchett reported near Government Cove ...

BTW, for those interested, here's "Tsagaglalal" ...

Lyn and Gene
Vancouver, Washington

Lyn Topinka

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