[Tweeters] Short-eared Owl seen at Nisqually NWR Thursday 10/20/11

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It reminds me of a sighting I had at Nisqually of the Short-eared Owl back in the early 1980s. I can't find it on my eBird list, so I hope I can dig it up out of my scribbled old notes. Anyway, I saw one flying low and landing in the tall grass, etc. So I reported it to the refuge office; a woman was in there. She rejected my sighting out of hand, saying that it was too early for them to be there. But it was there, and I saw it. I don't recall the date.

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA

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Hi Tweets,
one of Refuge volunteers who is an excellent birder and regular walker, Dennis Ellison, spotted a Short-eared Owl Thursday Morning 10/20 on the New Dike Estuarine Trail. We have seen the SEOW this time of year for the last three years at the Refuge.
Good birding,
Shep Thorp
Browns Point
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