[Tweeters] Multiple Bobolinks seen at Nisqually

Gary Wiles wilesharkey at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 23 13:47:24 PDT 2011

After waiting around for more than an hour this morning at
the gate near the entrance of Nisqually’s new boardwalk, several of us finally got
to see the Bobolink that’s been present the past few days.  Between 10:40 and 11:00, it perched a couple
of times in the shrubbery midway down the right side of the trail south of the
gate.  Each time, it then flew down into
the nearby tall grass where it could no longer be seen.  Spotting scopes were a big help in seeing its
Incredibly, on my walk out soon after that, I was told that two
more Bobolinks had just been seen well and photographed by several people.  This was at a location midway between the
Twin Barns and the new boardwalk.  The
birds were first observed close by on the trail’s north side, then flew some
distance to the south where they were no longer visible.  Michael Schram from the refuge’s staff was
one of the observers and had seen the first Bobolink with me 15-20 minutes
earlier.  Perhaps he can post more
details on these two additional birds.  
Gary Wiles
Olympia, WA

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