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Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Sun Oct 23 20:31:23 PDT 2011


This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I birded portions of the SE corner
of the state, meeting up with Tom Mansfield and Ken Knittle on Friday to
explore Columbia County, where I really had no experience. Here are some
highlights from the three days:

Whitman County, Steptoe Butte: flock of 15 Gray Crowned Rosy Finches just
below the summit

Whitman County, between Colfax and Almota: juvenile Peregrine Falcon,
Northern Shrike

Whitman County, Boyer Park (Brambles just east of park): Golden Eagle,WHITE
THROATED SPARROW, Lincoln's Sparrow, Fox Sparrow,

Garfield County, Wawawai Grade (near Lower Granite Dam): Lincoln's Sparrow,
Gray Crowned Rosy Finches

Garfield County, Hastings Bar: many Western Grebes with one CLARK'S GREBE,
Golden Eagle

Columbia County, Lower Goose Dam: Bonaparte's Gull, Common Loon, Prairie
Falcon, Cooper's Hawk, Gray Partridge, Barn Owl, American Pipits

Columbia County, Dayton; Merlin,

Columbia County, Tucannon River Rd: Chukar, Virginia Rail, Pileated

Columbia County, Godman Springs area; N Pygmy Owl, Red Crossbill, N Shrike

Columbia County, Wolf Fork Rd: Chestnut backed Chickadee, Am Dipper, N Saw
Whet Owl,

Columbia County, Lewis-Clark State Park: Western Screech Owl

Franklin County, Lyons Ferry Fish Hatchery: Merlin, Wood Duck

Lots of fun and some nice birds

Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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