[Tweeters] Lincoln's Sparrow Song or Call?

Barry Ulman ubarry at qwest.net
Mon Oct 24 11:52:38 PDT 2011

Hi Carol,

I heard that same Bird Note this morning, and the descending three-note song they referred to as a Lincoln's Sparrow sounded to me like a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW. I think they made a mistake.

Barry Ulman
Bellingham, WA.

On Oct 24, 2011, at 9:34 AM, Carol & Lynn Schulz wrote:

> Hi Tweets:

> I hope someone can help me out (and probably answer all on the list) with a bird song or call I heard yesterday. During our monthly census at Kent Ponds, out in the grass meadow area we had a few LINCOLN'S SPARROWS. I heard the classic zeet call and then looked into the tall grass at one of them at close range. I heard a few tik calls that I think were LISP's also. As I approached the middle tower, still out in the meadow, I heard a mournful see, tee, tee each note lower than the last. I wasn't sure what I was hearing. As I was listening to my notes this morning, Bird Note was being broadcast on NPR/KPLU in the other room. They said that was the fall song or call of Lincoln's Sparrow! I can't find a website w/ that bird song on it, and it is not mentioned in my field guides including the photographic guide to Sparrows of the US and Canada by Beadle and Rising.

> Does anyone know if the see tee tee in the minor key is the fall song or call of Lincoln's Sparrow?

> Yours, Carol Schulz

> Des Moines

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