[Tweeters] Lincoln's Sparrow Song or Call?

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Carol and Tweeters,

I agree with Barry Ulman. Your description of the song sounds very much like
a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW, and nothing like a Lincoln's Sparrow song, which
is a bubbly outburst that has been compared by many to a House Wren song.

Golden-crowned Sparrows are known to sing occasionally throughout the fall
and winter, and I'm sure there would have been some in the Kent Ponds area.

Good luck and good birding,

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC

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Hi Carol,

I heard that same Bird Note this morning, and the descending
three-note song they referred to as a Lincoln's Sparrow sounded to me like a
GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW. I think they made a mistake.

Barry Ulman

Bellingham, WA.

On Oct 24, 2011, at 9:34 AM, Carol & Lynn Schulz wrote:

Hi Tweets:

I hope someone can help me out (and probably answer all on the list) with a
bird song or call I heard yesterday. During our monthly census at Kent
Ponds, out in the grass meadow area we had a few LINCOLN'S SPARROWS. I
heard the classic zeet call and then looked into the tall grass at one of
them at close range. I heard a few tik calls that I think were LISP's also.
As I approached the middle tower, still out in the meadow, I heard a
mournful see, tee, tee each note lower than the last. I wasn't sure what I
was hearing. As I was listening to my notes this morning, Bird Note was
being broadcast on NPR/KPLU in the other room. They said that was the fall
song or call of Lincoln's Sparrow! I can't find a website w/ that bird song
on it, and it is not mentioned in my field guides including the photographic
guide to Sparrows of the US and Canada by Beadle and Rising.

Does anyone know if the see tee tee in the minor key is the fall song or
call of Lincoln's Sparrow?

Yours, Carol Schulz

Des Moines

carol.schulz50 at gmail

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