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Bob Hansen bobhansen at gorge.net
Mon Oct 24 16:15:43 PDT 2011


Last Friday I saw the movie The Big Year. Though this movie is not getting great reviews in Portland, OR, I think birders, or people who know birders will like it. For one thing, I got to see for the first time High Island, Texas, and Attu, Alaska...

I am not sure the Great Spotted Woodpecker can be found between Coos Bay and San Francisco, and I almost want to see if what they were calling a Great Spotted Woodpecker was actually a Hairy Woodpecker.

I have first hand knowledge of couples who divorced because of birding and couples who got married because of birding.

I highly recommend seeing it sooner rather than later, because there were only a handful of movie goers in the showing I saw on a Friday evening.


Besides, you might get a few "Life Birds" out of the movie... ; )

Happy Birding,
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