[Tweeters] White-throated Sparrows

Gayle Benton gbenton at rockisland.com
Tue Oct 25 21:01:55 PDT 2011

Hi Tweets,
On 10/2 I had a White-throated Sparrow visit my yard and it stayed for 6 days and departed, not to be seen again. Last night as I was monitoring my yard at dusk, another White-throated flew in ( marked quite differently, especially on the throat, from my previous visitor) It was present this morning and while I watched it, it perched on a bush and started calling - sharp repeated notes. Not much later, another White-throated dropped into the yard. I now have 2 busy little White-throated Sparrows along with a Fox, Song and Golden-crowned Sparrow. Hoping they'll spend the winter.
Gayle Benton
Orcas Island
gbenton at rockisland.com
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